Monday, 24 June 2013

Koralon Test Paint

Time to start up my next major painting project - my Urban War Koralon.

I've been trying to decide on what colour scheme to use on these guys for ages, as there is so much room for choice, as the obvious thing seems to be to have 2 contrasting colours between the body and head\weapons. Also despite my original intention that the Koralon were meant to be a quick addition for a 300pt force I seem to have "accidentally" ended up with a few more, so again I want a good fast paint job that will get them on table.

As ever to keep myself right more than anything else, here is what I ended up do:
  • Base prime White
  • Wash entire model in Vallejo Sepia Ink
  • Paint head and weapons Black
  • Dry brush entire model White
  • Wet highlight head and weapons
  • Green Ink Wash black areas
  • GW Baal Red Wash on exposed muscle
  • Dry brush teeth Gun Blot Metal
This will be the base for the core troops (Brood, as above). nice and quick.

And why metal teeth?


  1. Cheers, Tristan. Hopefully They'll look good when I get enough en-mass