Wednesday 20 February 2013

Urban War - Viridian Marines and HGR

Finishing off the last of my standard Colonial Marines and I've added in a Veteran Heavy Gauss Rifle (HGR) Marine as well to boost the short range fire power of the squad. I had a bit of trouble choosing a colour for his cap. I was inclined to only paint armour the light green, but the cloth brown didn't look right, so light green it became. Also painted the yellow/black stripes on the HGR to help him stand out.

Talking of fire power, next up are a Heavy Machine gun teams...


  1. mate you have been a painting machine so far this year! how many figs have you painted already?

  2. To be fair, Tristan, 2 of these I'd actually painted in December but not put up yet. The scheme I'm doing for them is pretty quick - as designed :-)