Sunday, 12 February 2012

VASA can you do?

Slightly ahead of schedule Arabiansquire and I broke out the Urban War starter sets I'd bought last year (and still not finshed constructing) and gave the game a bash. One of the reasons that I'd bought into the game was not only because of the wee lads interest, but because it seemed simple enough to play - no doubt a direct back-lash from the brain taxing play of Warmachine at the time!

Well I'm glad to say that after I'd re-read the quick start rules we managed play through a test encounter without too many problems at all and enjoyed the game. Good news.

I also made me start to think about painting up the starter set pieces .I had hoped to look at this a bit later in the year, but after just finishing painting up some 10mm I was looking for something a bit larger and eye relaxing as a break before my next 10mm batch. As a result I painted up a test VASA Suppressor:

For more of my own use than anyone elses, I primed in Halfords Grey Primer, armour pads and face mask were in Vallejo White, Boots and pieces in Miniature Paints Dark Grey and the Gun is black. The whole figure was given a wash in GW Devlan Mud and then the sections highlighted with their original colour (Mini Paints Mid Grey for the primer areas). The Vasa logo, buttons and breathing bottle have GW Red Gore on them.

Pretty quick (30 minutes-ish) as I don't want to spend to long on them to get them to table top use. Looks OK as well, so I think I'll roll out the scheme to the rest of the squad.


  1. Thanks, Brummie. Quite pleased the Half-life style mask came out OK. I can see these figures doubling as Oppressive State enforcers in other games.