Monday 27 February 2012

10mm Painting Comp Entry

Here's my first (rather optimistically indicating there may be a late second one) entry to the Pendraken 2012 Painting Competition. The standard of painting really makes a mockery of the scale. I'm not expecting to win anything, but am using the comp as a bit of motivation to get some painted. My ratmen, however, may be a bit too late to get finished in time, but I will get them done at least...


  1. look pretty decent to me, though that one dwarf with the giant axe has a head larger than a horses head???

  2. Nice looking group though. Best of luck!

  3. Thanks. Tristan, that's no dwarf, it's a Gnome. At 10mm racial differences can be quite different here. The Gnome's head is pretty large. Reminds me of the Mike Myers Scottish Father "Heed, move!"