Wednesday 1 February 2012

The Beastman Warband

Managed to get the final figures finished for the miniature pool for my Songs of Blades campaign, so I'll just go over the creatures and stats. All profiles are from the rulebooks with the exception of the Beastmen   and the Young Minotaur, which had to be made up.

First Off the Beastmen Warriors:

Beastman Warrior (34pts): Q4+ C3
Special Rules: Forrester, Savage

And the rest:

Human Leader (60pts): Q3+ C3
Special Rules: Leader

Human Chaos Warrior (42pts): Q4+ C4
Special Rules: Mutant, Heavy Armour

Centaur Archer (76pts): Q3+ C3
Special Rules: Long Move, Shooter (Long), Big, Savage

Minotaur Warrior (52 pts): Q3+ C4
Special Rules: Big, Savage

Young Minotaur (34pts): Q4+ C3
Special Rules: Dashing, Savage

Harpy (48pts): Q4+ C2
Special Rules: Flying, Distract

As a note to those curious, the Beastmen Warriors are a mix of Games Workshop and Marauder (although I can't remember the manufacturer of the old beastman second from the left); the Harpies and Young Minotaur are D&D miniatures; the big Minotaur is Game Workshop; the Centaurs are Mage Knight and D&D; the Chaos Warrior is from Heroquest and the Human Leader is a Games Workshop Mordheim Possessed Magister.


  1. the second beastman is maybe from 100 Kingdoms?

    1. I don't think so (but I could be wrong) its a pre-slotta model from the early 80s if I recall. I'm SURE I've seen it an old catalogue (probably downloaded from minifigs), but I've looked through them and can't find it. Most frustrating!

  2. I think it is an old 80's Citadel Runequest Broo figure, possibly from one of the box set or maybe the blister packs. I have him too!

    1. [after a quick google] you're complately correct, well done and thanks. (see )