Thursday 26 January 2012

SoBH 10mm Dungeon

On Saturday Arabiansquire and I managed along to Livingston Battleground. The wee lad has been periodically asking me when we'll play with the Pendraken 10mm Dungeon set I had painted (most of!). I quite fancied it, so cut some short/medium/long sticks from coffee stirrers and we set up. I must point out that the dungeon set comes with a perfectly good set of rules, but I am trying to cut down on my working ruleset number so thought I'd try the familiar Songs Of Blades and Heroes.

The first quandary I had was actually the lengths to define short/medium/etc. The main rule book gives lengths for 15mm but not 10mm (not really a surprise though - 10mm isn't really a usual skirmish scale. The SoBH dungeon rules do, however say that the largest room shouldn't be more than a "long" measurement, which conveniently is the length of the standard Pendraken large room. And although "medium" does look a bit long, this makes the "long" measurement is less of an advantage, which I would imagine is quite realistic in your average dungeon.

The next problem were the dungeon dwellers. We were playing a GM-ed dungeon crawl, with Arabiansquire running a group of 4 adventurers and myself controlling the dungeon. The SoBH rules do offer some hints via a short section on solo gaming, but nothing concrete. I will have to work on this, but I suspect the rules suggestion of picking an occupying force twice the points value of the "invading" force will be a good starting place. I'll have to look at drawing up a table or cards for the next session, whenever that is. For this section I fudged it, presenting a reasonable number of low level troops of mixed melee and ranged capabilities worked just fine for a quick game, with a Troll and a magic user at the two key points of the game just to make him think. Pendraken do a lovely line of traditional D&D style monsters, so I'll have to hit the generator tables for those.

Plenty to think on for next time anyway. Should be fun all the way through!

(oh and in case you were wondering, the evil wizard was defeated in the end!)


  1. Sounds good for the scale. Its a nice idea and cheap by the sound of it

  2. Hi for 10mm I would just use 15mm measurements, ranges would look too short otherwise and the footprint of 10mm characters is roughly the same as the one of a 15mm guy (a small coin or washer, I assume).

  3. @ Brummie: compared with the 28mm version definitely. Alot more manageable as well.

    @Ganesha: I think my impression was that the sticks looked pretty long for the scale, but the gameplay made sense of it. I'll have to look at the 28mm range sticks compared with my 28mm figures when I play this week as comparison...