Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Making Rubble

With a bit of time to spare over the holiday season I employed Arabiansquire to help me out in making a mess disguised as a gaming terrain project. We've been needing some generic rubble bases for a while now, and a couple of small test pieces I made last year came out OK, so time for some more...

The raw materials
The material used were:
  • Old CD for a base
  • cardboard
  • sand
  • gravel (2 different small grades)
  • old mosaic tiles scavenged from a vandalised artwork (not by me I must say)
  • white glue
  • mixing cup and lolly stick
The process was pretty (ie very) simple.
  1. First glue some cardboard over the CD hole (Obviously not a step needed if you aren't using CDs)
  2. Put some of the largest rubble material in the mixing cup, pour in a good amount of glue, mix so that everything is covered, scoop out onto the CD and arrange as desired
  3. repeat step 2 with smaller rubble and continue until you finally use the sand
  4. make sure to texture the edges of the cd/base with sand
  5. leave to dry (in my case Scottish winter and over-exuberant gluing meant around 5 days)
  6. Ready to dry
  7. Paint black
  8. Dry brush dark grey and an earthy brown
Space Marines patrol the ruins

All done and ready to play. As you can see from the pictures I also added a couple of bits of sprue in. Originally they were going to be painted as mteal girders, but I later changed my mind and used brown to allow for fantasy ruins as well.


  1. Very nicely done and easily stored too i would imagine

  2. Thanks guys. And yes they do store easily. A combination of being quite flat and a high percentage glue means they can just be piled in a box no worries.