Saturday, 7 January 2012

Bofur Thistlefoot

Just in time for our first session of "The One Ring" this week:

A Games Workshop Sam Gamgee figure. Great little rpg adventurer with that backpack.

As a painting note: it's been a while since I've painted up a figure for an RPG character. Traditionally I would have put more detail into the figure, but the last year has been spent painting faceless figures for tabletop gaming (Space Marines and Cryx) and it shows - the face close up is pretty featureless. I guess that as soon as you pull out the Devlan Mud you know where your going - a gritty dark finish. Not that I mind that too much and at the held-at-arms-length range looks fine. Also it's nice to be ahead in the painted vs bought stakes (although I can exclusively reveal that it probably won't last more than a week)

I'll have to touch up that face a bit though. At least to give him a mouth!

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