Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Turf War - Chain Reaction style

Managed to get along to Livingston Battleground on Saturday morning, so ArabianSquire and I had a quick game of Chain Reaction. We used our now standard gang setup from our Domination games (Leader, Heavy, Juve and 2 Gangers to use Necromunda speak) and just had a straight turf war. Arabian Squire was using those long coated (and newly dipped) Necromunda Delaques and I'd picked out some suitable 40k Catachan Jungle Fighters.

Arabian Squire activated first, and took advantage of his Heavy's range to establish a line of fire that kept my entire gang in the starting corner of the table if they didn't want to break cover! He then started to move the rest of his gang in table to populate the buildings.

It was quite obvious that my gang were just waiting to be slaughtered if they kept hidden, so a dash across the enemy firing line had to be made. I made sure that they ran in a line with the poor just closest to the bullet source and my heavy next. The hope was that if the Juve went down (shielding the rest of the gang) I may get a reaction shot off with my heavy. As it was my plan half worked - the juve was cut down, but the completely heavy failed his reaction and ducked back to his starting position, with he rest of the gang, out-gunned, ducked back as well, but forward to the nearest cover, so a least into the rest of the table.

The 'squire Heavy still had a field of fire across the table through the middle, so my marines had to skirt round the edge of the board to stay out of sight and range.

The Delaques had in the meantime occupied a couple of the buildings in the centre, waiting for my forces.

My Leader managed to get round and into the building out of sight to get to the window and take a shot at the Delaque ganger, killing him. The resultant reaction test had the Delaque Leader duck back away from the fire through the door into the street, right into view of my Heavy  who had managed to get an arc of fire, who passed his reaction and gunned down the Leader, much to the wee lads dismay.

The other marines took up covering positions in the captured building. But from cover Arabian Squire took out a door covering marine.

This caused some in effectual reaction fire from the other occupants, giving away their position to the Delaque heavy, and the resultant cross fire hail of bullets had them ducking back from the windows to safety.

Arabian Squire then decided to flush out my heavy with a flanking move, but at the crucial time his activation dice let him down with a 6, and was sneaked up on himself.

Poor firing let him duck back out of cover, but with the marine leader closing in from the other side he was caught and taken out.

This let the marine heavy free to assault the last Delaque holdout. As they were still distracted from a fire fight across to the other side of the street, they didn't see the danger coming round the ruined wall.
One Delaque went down, but the Juve (who was in hero mode from rolling snake eyes in a previous encounter) reacted well and gunned down the sneaky Marine. This however gave an opening for a mrine to rush across the street and snipe the Juve from a window. After a brief exchange the final Delaque went down.

A fun game that took just about 90 minutes to play. The range to the Heavy (SAW) machine gun was a pain here, especially with the fine positioning of the Delaque Heavy by the wee lad really limiting my movement options. The game had a good back and forth feel to it with both side taking casualties, but in the end a couple of bad activation rolls in a row (2 sixes - ouch!) undid Arabian Squire's good work and let me in.

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  1. Great BATREP with nice Photos very post apocalyptic looking setting