Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Dipped Delaques

Ready for action
With a view to using them as one of my gangs in a Chain Reaction demo game I was having with a club member, there was a push to get my Games Workshop Delaque (Necromunda) gangers ready for the table. I'd bought these from a club member a few years ago. I'd liked the way they looked on the table when he was using them, but only when I saw them close up after purchase did I realise how rough the paintwork was (it was a teenage lad after all!), althought he price was still good. With the "Good on the tabletop" picture still in my head I decided to just touch up the paintwork (or re-paint in the same colours) and then dip them for speed.
Now every gaming blog seems to have a "Magic Dip" post in their locker somewhere, so this is mine! I don't use this technique very often. Perhaps it feels like cheating. Or too sloppy. But having seen the effect again in practice I will be using it more frequently where applicable.

Base coated ready for dipping

One base coat was done, trying to keep the majority of colours light to give the dip a chance. After a bit of research a few years ago I ended up with  B&Q Walnut Quick Drying Woodstain (as I'm in the UK). The dip is diluted with water. You'll have to experiment with what looks good to you. I've had a made up jar for a couple of years and I add woodstain or water every now and again. This time a quick stir and test piece proved OK and I was away. A quick shake/spin of the figure afterwards and a wee blow/brush wipe to sort some unwanted pooling and they were left to dry. Even the basing was fast tracked - Javis Tarmac effect flock.

The equipment is readied (except the vital gloves!)

A pre and post dip duo.


  1. They are looking great buddy, I really like the neutral-ish colour scheme used - works very well with the dip, and the quick basing is good enough for necromunda.

    Dipping really does work wonders, if you are interested I have used it on my undead blood bowl team (a little heavy), some necromunda hired guns (pretty much perfect) and my pit slave gang (again great results)

    My favourite way to dip involves gluing a nail to the base and putting that in a drill, once dipped I lower it into a closed cardboard box with a small hole cut in the top and let the drill do the work. Nice and smooth results!

  2. This is great. Dipping scares me tho

  3. Cheers, folks.

    @Brummie: I know what you mean. It requires a test piece some faith to make that leap.