Saturday 24 September 2011

SoBH Battle#2

Battlefield: Tundra
Time of Day: Day
Weather: Snow
Scenario: On Difficult Ground
Defender: Valgen Maest's Warband (Dwarves)

Valgen Maest's Warband
  • Valgen Maest : DWARF COMMANDER (1XP) 95 Pts
    Quality 2+, Combat 4, Short Move, Leader, Fearless:   
  • Ovthur Whurdar: Crossbowman 24 Pts
  • Bolbir Dwifik: Thief (1XP) 30pts
  • Falster Vonlyr: Elite Warrior (1XP) 46pts
  • Harthic Urduum: Warrior (1XP) 34 Pts
  • Glanthur Harfik - Cavalry (1XP) 52 Pts
The Blightvale Autho-RAT-y
  • Skeener - Leader (1XP) 60 Pts
  • Rusineth - Swarm Master (1XP) 46 Pts
  • Masssch - Warrior (1XP) 27 Pts
  • Griszarr - Warrior 27 Pts
  • Durlik - Thrower  27 Pts
  • Ikineth - Standard Bearer (1XP) 27 Pts
  • Rat Swarm (x1) 22 Pts

As usual the first few turns were movement. The Dwarves were finding it hard going in the snow, as they needed 2 actions to move their short movement range. By comparison the rats "sped" up to the table.
The main band of rats grouped at a natural fork in the terrain, with the beastmaster and swarm moving forward hoping to draw the dwarves round. Glanthur Harfik on his mighty bear flanked round behind some trees looking to cut them off.
The mounted dwarf moved round to his blocking position, with the main rats messing up their rolls. But the weakest dwarf warrior on the force fringe the beastmaster decided to try and use his swarm to even up the odds and attacked.
But the attack was to no avail. The attacking ratman was knocked to the ground, and before he could get up his pets were dispatched before he experienced a similar fate.
The Dwarves took advantage of another set of poor dice rolls and the mounted Dwarve tried to get a rear position on the enemy, with the Thief making a risky path through the ruins.
But the bear had left himself an isolated target, as the rats had been looking for. They rushed over and surrounded him in attack, but his teeth and axe kept them at bay.
But Glanthur only managed one action next turn. Faced with the options of retreating with numerous free strikes or attack there was only one option - attack. Unfortunately the numbers proved too great a second time and was knocked the ground, leaving the rats to swarm over and finish him.
The rats had a scalp, and with the Dwarves wading round the corner as a group they decided to leave the battle field. There would be good eating tonight!

Battle Result:
Valgen Maest: 3 Victory Points,
Blightvale Autho-RAT-y: 2 Victory Points


  1. Go Rats GO!

    Looked a fun quick game - like the terrain esp. the board. Was it painted blue and then sprayed?


  2. Is that the first win for the rats?

  3. @ADB: The gaming area is simply made from two 2x4 hardboard sheets, covered with cheap, blue- tinted textured floor tiles (the ones with sticky undersides) that I found in the ‘bargain bucket’ of a local hardware store; quick spray of Citadel white paint and a couple of coats of thick matt varnish. Easy, quick and easily transports

  4. @MacSver: Well answered that gaming host :-)

    @Tristan: Only a moral one perhaps. The swarm & beastmaster came to 66pts, where as the cavalry only came to 52pts. A pretty hard 52pts by the way! Victory Points are 1 per 20 killed according to the scenario :-(