Tuesday 9 November 2010

XCrawling to Fame and Fortune

My RPG group finished our XCrawl level (and trial game) last night, leaving the game with a selection of cash, vials and dungeon sponsor's credit notes for golf equipment - I kid you not. The final room was a labyrinth test whilst avoiding an aging, chain smoking Medusa in an over sized hamster ball. The dungeons were an entertaining mix of classic dungeon crawl and sponsor saturated game show. In which other game can you open a treasure chest and find pouch of gold coins, an enchanted baseball bat, and a six pack of Friki-Choo Cola? We all agreed that our GM, Azhdeen, had done a great job merging the two strange ideas and that in the future it would be fun to run a longer campaign, so cheers buddy.

It would be interesting to do a bit of roleplaying outside the dungeon/gameshow - meeting the public, effects on the group as different characters become more famous/vilified/rewarded than others - even "crawl fixing" anyone? These external factors could even be done out of game in secret GM emails to the players or given to the whole group as press releases. I don't know if that's already in the game (not having read the book), but it would certainly be interesting.

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