Saturday 20 November 2010

A Lesson in Warmachine

Cryx advance downhill
towards the invading Cygnar
Today Arabiansquire and myself headed to the Battleground Livingston gaming club. The wee lad has been quite taken by the miniatures of Warmachine and has was very keen to learn how to play. He had an introductory few turns last weekend in the Arabian Towers hobbyshed, but this was the first time he's controlled his own force. We went with the Cygnar and Cryx battlegroups for simplicity.

I don't know how much more we'll play this at the moment. At still under 9 years old he's already been playing tabletop games with me for over a couple of years so he's used to learning turn phases, numbers of dice to roll, etc but the beauty of Warmachine is his downfall. Even with the few number of models in the basic battlegroup box, the amount of options and tactics are a bit beyond him for the moment. The game does have a recommended age group 12+ so it's not that surprising. I'm sure we'll have the odd game in the future as the whim take us/him, but with so many other games I think we can have more enjoyment playing something that doesn't demand so much advance and complex planning. There's plenty of time...

The Cygnar Charger brings the Cryx Defiler

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  1. Aye, Warmachine isn't necessarily one for the very wee blokes, although I salute the lad for giving it a try. The youngest player I've encountered so far must be about thirteen, and to his credit he's picking it up fast.