Wednesday 24 November 2010

Warmachine - Cryx Bloat Thrall

This seems to have taken an age to get this finished, mainly as I was painting it in parallel to a 10 strong squad of Bile Thralls (coming soon), given the similar pallet used. I've always felt that the key to this model was to make the stitching/implants look painfully raw. I don't think I've fully managed it, but the rusty cannon and the prominent tubing colour draw the eye quite a bit so the stitches aren't as much a focus as I'd initially thought.

Don't know how to effectively use this beast yet. He's so slow that in the 25pt games I usually play he barely makes it into a good position. Still a nice big chunk of mini to put on the table though!


  1. I'm still working on the Bloaters myself. I tend to find they work well in lists with lots of conventionally-deployed solos and advance deployed or advance moving melee pieces; that leaves you with enough space to put them somewhere near the middle of your deployment zone, and thus the action, without worrying that they'll kill too many Cryxies if they explode.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Von. I'll be look to try that next chance I get.