Monday, 26 July 2010

Warmachine - Cryx Defiler

First completely finished Warmachine model - a Cryx Defiler.

I wanted a dirty look for my Cryx force, and came across this Rust Effect tutorial on Warseer that looked so good I knew I had to give it a bash. I've also "controversially" ditched the Cryx Green and decided my archane colour of choice is purple.

Quite pleased with the results, but I'll have to have a look around and see where rust occurs naturally a bit more to make the effect varied on other models.


  1. Very nicely done. I started playing warmachine with Cryx when the game first launched years ago. If you don't mind attrition and you're really gutsy you'll be damn near unbeatable. The numerous arc nodes make them fearful, I would rarely engage with my bone jacks and instead just run right by the enemy to blast the warcaster to smithereens. I had many a game end with only one dead model on the table... the enemy warcaster.

  2. I like the rustiness a lot! Your blasphemy in replacing the beautiful necrotic glow is acceptable too (purple is gorgeous and honestly, if the model looks good, who am I to get all traditionalist up in your grill?).

  3. Thanks for the comments. I've not played enough games yet to really compare with th eother factions, but I'm really enjoying the Cryx so far. There's something quite liberating in sending the dead out to die again. Now I know how George A. Romero feels!