Thursday 22 July 2010

Over the Wall

The mid week WFRPers were round again this week, hoping to finally break into the Inner Bailey of Wittgenstein Castle. Yes, I know it seems this has been going on for ages, but we hadn't met since the start of June so it's not as long in session time as it feels. The final gatehouse and wall were breached as the party came up with a diversion (burning mattresses against the main gate door to also provide smoke cover) whilst splitting the party either side of gate to scale the walls away from the gate. It's been good to see characters with the "scale sheer surface" skill get to use it to great effect as it's one of those skills that seems handy but never really gets used that much. With two characters skilled in this way it was easy (especially with a few poor rolls for the guards) to get to the ramparts and lower ropes for the others. In fact thinking back on the events of the session the RPG gods must have been looking to move the scene on as I don't think I can remember the characters being so deadly in battle and the opposition (lets be honest - me) rolling so poorly. I suppose dice luck comes and goes. The random poor dice gremlin must have sitting on my shoulder this night, but the stigma is pretty firmly stuck on one or two of the players. Also half my rolls are done in secret behing the GM screen so no-ones knows - Shhhhh!


  1. Rolls dice behind GM screen. 'What are you rolling for?' 'Oh, nothing in particular.' Waits. Rolls dice again, when characters open doors, look out of windows, chat with strangers, etc.

    Very few mean anything, but they give cover to the ones that do matter.

  2. Fun is just too important to leave to chance sometimes!