Wednesday 14 July 2010

Six Month review

Six months into the year it's time to see how I'm doing on my start of year pledges.

  • Finish the Dog Soldiers project. Done. Not played it yet though. Funny how that happens. It's still in my plans though so watch this blog. 
  • Song of Blades and Heroes warbands. This project is pretty open ended, but for the sake of accounting - Done! Swamp Themed and Skaven warbands have been done, with enough figures added to make a diverse goblinoid group. A rake around the shelves has a beastman themed group in the waiting and I've a nice collection mini's for a forester themed warband. 
  • Modern Civilian Warbands -Nope! 
  • Zombies. For #3. - Like #3 again Nope! 
  • Doctor Who. With the new series there seems to have been a renewed excitement. Some new "not"-figures have been bought and I really should at least put some paint on some of them. 
  • Card Stock Buildings. This has expanded to my Lunchtime Project section. So far Lunchtimes have produced several card stock buildings and ruins, half a Sci-fi tunnel system and the beginnings of a cheap (and supposedly quick) palisade. More on these in later posts.

 AOB: Stuff thats emerged or to be levered into the next 6 months

  • The 20mm World War II bandwagon has started to roll. Not a priority really this
  •  year, as the instigator of this whole sorry affair (Halo_star*) has no doubt done less that me. But it's there now all the same. 
  • Warmachine. Not blogged about this yet, as it's sitting precariously on the edge of the todo shelf, promising to re-create the sticky bun scene in Young Ones episode "Bambi". Members from my RPG group (plus others from Lothian Gamers) have decided to take up Warmachine, and I've been swept along in the novelty of playing a game where I'll already have opponents! When that battle box finally hits the workbench I'll expand on it. 
  • HeroQuest figures. With the start of a HeroQuest campaign with Arabiansquire I'd like to get a few more figures coloured. We've plenty of orcs, goblins, skeletons and Chaos warriors but nothing else done. Once sat down this should be quite quick (famous last words) as I ink them instead of using paint. This is nice and fast leaving a childrens story book style of watercolour style colouring which I like. Once the actual HQ figures are done it qould be nice to expand this to other dungeon creatures, but it'll come down to whether I want to have them coloured in this style.
  • Gladiators. Having now made an arena and bolstered my combatant numbers it would be grand to get a game of Red Sand Blue Sky in soon.
A busy time ahead then. I don't know how I'll fit it all in.

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