Monday, 22 February 2010

Skaven (Ratmen) Warband Details

As requested (who says there's no customer service anymore!) I'm posting the stats for my warband. I have to point out (remind) that there are 4 scouts already painted.

Ratman warrior 27pts Q4+ C3 Gregarious 9
Ratman Scout 24pts Q4+ C2 Gregarious, stealth 4
Ratman Leader 60pts Q3+ C3 Leader 1
Ratman Wizard 46pts Q3+ C1 Fearless, MagicUser 1
Ratman Beastmaster 46pts Q3+ C3 Beastmaster (Standard Bearer) 1
Ratman Standard Bearer 23pts Q4+ C3 Standard Bearer 1
RatSwarm 22pts Q3+ C1 Swarm, Free Disengage 4

I've not made up any rosta as such. I'll probably pick and choose for each battle until I see how best to spend the points. warband is based around the figures I have. With the exception of the magic user and some giant rat figures I've not bought to order. The glaring ommision from the list is any ranged capability (magic-user aside). This was because I found it too pricey to buy just a couple of figures. I can justify it in my Skaven swarm visiion for the whole warband.

On the Songs of Blades and Heroes Yahoo group there's a thread or two regarding swarms. Andrea (the ruleset author) thought that an effective swarm should have at least 3 or 4 bases to it. Also (in line with another thread) I've swapped the standard "cling" special rule with "free disengage". I don't really follow the idea of a swarm of rats clinging to walls, ceilings, trees, etc (although I can see why it was there). The Free disengage gives the swarm a good feel of an unstoppable tide of hundreds of bodies and will give it a more worth - especially as I have to spend nearly 30% of my points on a few bases! The beatsmaster may be a bit un-necessary given the movement rules for swarms, but he fits my theme of the warband. I've added the standard bearer rule provisionally as I can see him being the "chief whip" or Sargeant Major of the warband, so troups would rally to him. I'm sure all will become more streamlined as I play a few games.

It has been noted that a deadline for this is missing. We'll set this at the end of March. There are a few figures to paint and I've a couple of other minor projects to rush through in the next few weeks. Details of these as they are ready.


  1. Thanks for the post. I my self have moved my Skaven to the back burner for my Humans. I will be working on them very soon after as my daughter like SBH, and she only wants to play the humans, and I will play the rat bastards. Thanks for the list.


  2. I have bits that I would be happy to send you FOC - two stars and a knife thrower but no slings.