Thursday, 4 February 2010

RPG modules for Wargaming

After having a (rare) tidy up I can across some old Dungeons and Dragons adventure modules. Not the biggest surprise, being an RPGer as well as a Wargamer, but it got me thinking about more campaign or at least story led wargaming. I've been playing a bit more Song of Blades and Heroes recently and there is a campaign system module there for different types of encounters, but obviously the player(s) need to come up with a background to the campaign to transform this from a series of character advancing encounters to a series of encounters following a character led storyline.

I think I'll have a wee try out using the old TSR Fastplay module "Eye Of The Wyvern" and see how I go. Rules wise I'm leaning towards the copy of Two Hour Wargames "Legends Of Araby" I have on the shelf (unplayed) as this was marketed as RPG lite. Also the THW games are good for solo play. The one drawback I see is that alot of the roleplaying elements will have to be distilled into action orientated encounters.

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