Monday 8 February 2010

RPG in SoBH test.

This weekend arabiansquire and myself started to loosely game out "Eye Of The Wyvern". We managed a couple of early encounters which I'll post here. My thoughts on the adaptation process will be in the next post.

Arabiansquire was running the adventurers party with myself "GMing". The party makeup was taken from the suggested pre-generated chartacters in the RPG. All profiles are straight from the published rostas unless otherwise detailed.

The party consists of a Paladin (Human Cleric), Thief (SoBH Human Thief), Barbarian (Human Barbarian), Mage (Human Magic User) and a Dwarf (Elite Dwarven Warrior) with no leaders. This gave a ballpark point's value of 200pts to try and even up the encounters.

The party are travelling to the village of Wyvern Falls to investigate a series of attacks on animal stock. The journey takes a couple of days so the party camp out for the night. The night is split into two seperate watches. First watch was taken by the thief and the dwarf. This is when the pack of wolves came in. I ruled that the sleeping characters would take 3 round to be fulled active (One to wake up, one to get out of the blankets,stand up, ready weapons, etc and good to go on the third round).

The Thief and dwarf ran towards the approaching pack (who, on a random roll, had come in on the opposite side of the camp) yelling to wake up their colleagues. The wolves took advantage of their long move to get into the camp before the bleary eyes members of the camp could fully activate.The wolves picked seperate targets to take advantage of the lack of activation and it was only a couple of rounds in when the Mage was knocked down and mauled. The dwarf beat back his attacker with the thief fending off any fanged attacks. The wolf who attacked the Paladin was gruesomely killed by the holy warrior causing a cascading series of moral checks resulting the the rest of the pack fleeing.

A quick look at the campaign expansion (which I have to admit I hadn't thought about reading) suggest that the mage may not be fatally mauled. A couple of dice rolls later and his status has been changed from "Deceased"  to merely "Brain Damaged". The rest of the night went without incident and the party reached the town the following day.

Once in the town the party were briefed by the local farmers that something ot things had been attacking, killing and eating their livestock. Just then a villager rushed in to announce that there was a disturbance in one of the barns at the edge of the village.

At the barn, the dwarf, thief and mage went for the front doors with the barbarian and paladin entering round the side. The dwarf opened the door to review 4 minor wyvernlings (Q4+ C2, flying, tailslap). The thief recklessly rushed in to engage. The stunned wyvernings (who'd rolled 2 fails in their first roll!) were attacked by the dwarf and thief whilst the barbarian seemed to wrestle with the concept of door handles.

He finally opened the door just in time to see the thief gruesomely kill a wyvernling with his first attack and cause a moral check to all the other wyvernlings. With the barbarian blocking the door the nearest wyvernling tried to flee out the front over the head of the dwarf, but  it only failed one die and ending it flee too near the mage, automatically destroying it. The other 2 wyvernlings both failed a couple of rolls and fled through the  front door and away.

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  1. Glad to see the old HeroQuest mage on your table. I'm thinking about getting back into SoBH, so I'm having fun reading your battle reports.