Monday, 13 March 2023

Karl's Tech Parts


A finished building for my Future City. Rather than completely bog myself down with trying to get everything finished, I decided to get the buildings playable (read that as built and sprayed grey) and then return to them one by one. Although I've a finished Warehouse from the Judge Dredd set, this is the first from this strategy.

A small run down looking Tech shop, just the job for back street implants and under the counter upgrades. The base mdf is from the TT Combat Shopping Centre with some 3D printed pipes from Digital Taxidermy's first "greebles" pack. I covered up one side of the building with some card. The TT Combat Sci-Fi Utopia buildings can be interesting, but all the walls seem  to have windows and I'd prefer some more cover\blind spots and blank surface for scenic additions, be they structural or graffiti\posters. So I'll be hitting a few others with card as well I think.

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