Saturday 28 January 2023

[Judge Dredd] Home in Time for Tea


Halo*Star was over for our second game of Judge Dredd. We decided to try and consolidate the game in our failing memories, but making use of the Big Meg and Armoury cards this time. The narrative for the scenario?  The gangers from David Dickinson Block had been out and about, but now it was time to get back to the block before Celebrity Bargain Hunt started on the Holo-units. Unfortunately for them their earlier activities had drawn the attention of The Judges, and they had plans to intercept.

Mean Machine had been leading the outing and was likewise leading the charge back home, being a big fan of mid 19th Century Cotswold porcelain. A group of Juves quickly following up behind.

The Judges (2 Street Judges and a Cadet) had already positioned themselves at D.D. Block looking to ambush.
The Juves spotted the Judges and there was an exchange of fire, but the ranges, hard cover and lack of experience of both the Juves and the Cadet Judge left the results null.

The other, more adult, gang members were approaching the Block from a different direction, so the Judges switched their attentions to this more experienced threat.

As the gang members arrived, one Judge's Widowmaker 1000 lived up to it's name and took out a ganger. A smoke round was put down by the Judges for the other guns coming their way but the Cadet couldn't resist bursting through the smoke to take on the opposition. This proved his undoing and was taken out by a well aimed shot. "Fail"

Mean Machine couldn't resist the sight of the Law men with their backs turned, so he turned his dial up and charged towards them.

But the run was a bit far and his target spotted him. The years of Academy and Street training automatically kicked in and the Judge managed to counter the vicious headbutt.

Meanwhile the Juves managed to reach the front door just as the Bargain Hunt opening theme tune was sounding. Time was up and some of the seats in front of the Holo-unit would be empty this evening.

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