Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Latest Brief Distraction - Dwarves


A move away from the Demons now, inspired by this fellow I picked up from Heresy Miniatures - A Dwarven miner. He comes with a mining helmet head option but I felt it was a bit modern or my image of fantasy so I went for the bald scowling version. Simple and characterful.

So much fun he was to paint that I decided to hit my unpainted Dwarves box, where all the figure movement has been one way (ie in). I blame that on those campaigns I played with MacSver and all his Dwarves!

So this trio are the result. All picked because they are clothed in mostly chainmail to speed things along. I'm not sure about the manufacturer of the first lad. Old and slotta based he is. His spear tip was damaged and fell off, which is why it looks a bit lop sided.

The Middle fellow is one of the new(-sh) range from Ral Partha Europe that they've been adding to over the last couple of years. I've been in on they're Kickstarters for these so have quite a few more that need attention.

The final fellow is an old 80's Citadel figure. He's ended up a bit wide eyed, which actually fits with the painting styles I've seen from that era sp oddly appropriate. He's also got a great big heed!

These 4 only bring my painted Dwarf collection up to an embarrassing half dozen, so I'll be doing a few more in small numbers to at least have enough to field a warband on the table.

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