Sunday 27 February 2022

Here Comes the King


Or at least a Lord? A couple of main personalities and a guard this time.

The King and Wizard are both from Ral Partha's new Dwarf line, and the guard is from the as yet unidentified (but familiar) manufacturer with quite a few more in the Dwarves box to come.

The King actually comes with a separate shield, hence his left arm position, but I preferred this look without. He's in this position through fighting merit rather than family ascendancy!

I just couldn't get the Wizard's left eye painted properly, some sort of subconscious block on my part, so I decided to go whole hog in another direction and give it a spell effect type paint job. Not the most subtle but certainly effective (or at least an effect).

And if anyone can throw me a bone on the range the guard comes from I'd be super grateful...

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