Wednesday 28 June 2017

Heave Awa Lads I'm no deid yet

Now that I've paraphrased the standard returning blogger phrase we can continue. ( Heave Awa Lads I'm no deid yet is from an engraving on Edinburgh's Royal Mile, by the way)

my Barbarian makes away with some much needed
loot in my first club Frostgrave game.

Its been a funny old first half of the year with illness, new projects and a general outside of hobby business, but I'm determined to get back to the blog, as least in some capacity. As you may have guessed my new 15mm Skirmish Supplies venture is taking up some time and mental capacity. The whole retail & "self employed" thing is new to me, so I'm riding a wobbly learning curve as I go on. I am still working mind you, so there is time to tweak and expand without worrying about the bills, etc.

Part of a mass try out of Rogue Stars at FDWC.
I have still managed to do some gaming though. Having properly joined Falkirk District Wargames Club at the end of last year I've managed some new games old games and club games. After playing almost exclusively with MacSver for the last few years playing in a club, with all the different characters and styles has also been it's own wee learning experience. But rewarding. The pictures dotted throughout this post are from games this year so far.

More Rogue Stars at MacSver's Battleshed
By picking up on club forum calls of "any fancy a game of....." I've had a hoot of a time, from multiplayer Frostgrave, In Her Majesty's name battles to air-to-air combat. Long may it continue. I've even managed to cross dice rolls with MacSver a few time as well, although not as regularly as before (he is a club member as well, so all is not lost!!)

Wings of Glory
But as it all settles down just now I am starting to get on with various hobby projects around the games. Obviously the web store is a big one. I'm having a ball handling the products I can get through the door. And the thought of being able to supply folks with them to have fun also brings a broad smile to my face.
A 4 player scenario of IHMN at the club.
15mm Skirmish is obviously in my project list. I'm pretty much starting from low level of figures & terrain, so I'm concentrating on Fantasy and Sci-Fi for the moment, but other genres are constantly calling out (Victorian and WWII loudest of all!)

The Servants of Ra nearly get away with the loot, but are foiled by
the Constabulary at one end and the mystical Tong at the other
28mm still has a place in the world though! I have a number of casual projects I've set myself this year. I've quite a few Fantasy warbands waiting to be started, but as this year is more about keeping things ticking over I decided to flesh out my Barbarian Horde with some more characters and add in some thematic terrain. The first trio have been done and will feature shortly...

Check Your Six - Jet Age action
For Sci-fi you'll have noticed that there have been a few games of Rogue Stars played. This'll just be kept casual with a settled gang for bounce games. I did "accidentally" pick up Shadow War: Armageddon when it came out. A few years ago my son pressured my Mother-in-Law into buying me a birthday gift of an Ork Boyz boxset (despite me not playing 40k). This happens to be the Ork perfect starter gang, so I'm planning on getting these painted at last.

Check Your Six - WWII action
(actually buffoonary as I crash my russians in the air!)
I have also been bushwacked by the release of "The Curse of Dead Man's Hand" and bought "The Baron and Defiled" gang, which are on the paint table as we speak. This is prompting me to get "finished off" (quotes as we all know these things are never finished) my Wild West Mining town, so there's a good bit of brown painting about to be done in the shed!!

There are a few other games I'd like to have a bash at that have been waiting patiently. Galleys and Galleons is definitely one as I have a several flotilla on the shelf!!

I'm sure the odd other thing will come up, but the main thing is that I'm back here!


  1. Good to see you're still gaming!

    I plan on placing a bit of an order with 15mm Skirmish Supplies soon too!

    All the best!

    1. Thanks, Richard. I'll keep a look out for you :)

  2. Good to hear you've been doing plenty of gaming!

    1. Cheers, Gordon. Not as busy as yourself but its always good to have somewhere to aspire to !