Tuesday 6 June 2017

15mm Skirmish Supplies is open for business.

I realise that all has been very quite here for the last months. There have been a few reasons for that but here is one of them!

I am glad to say that my new venture ,15mm Skirmish Supplies, is now open for business. The product list has been tailored for Skirmish wargamers. So more different poses for your figures. No wasting money on boxes of unwanted spares. A single place with many options.
At the moment we have Ral Partha's Demonworld in for Fantasy and Blue Moon Manufacturing Sci-Fi squads. We have also some Gothic Horror and World War II sets. Finally (for the moment) Amera provide affordable terrain options. More ranges will be coming in the future,

On a Wee Blokes note, things are starting to clear now, so whilst there may be a slight tweak in posts, I'll be looking to adding to the static on the information super highway again on a regular basis.