Sunday 24 July 2016

Four A Miniatures Chaos Dwarves Kickstarter.

We all have companies we have a softspot for. Four A Miniatures is one of mine. Run by an enthusiastic gamer who decided to commision a few new sculpts to call his own and sell - something I'm sure many (if not most) of us dream of.

 His catalogue contains some great characterful figures from sculptors such as Kev Adams (goblins of course!). MacSver is the happy owner of some of his dwarves.
Some of MacSver's Four A Dwarves

Anyhow, he has had several figures sitting waiting to be produced for a while now but due to real life complications have struggled to see the light of day, so he's decided to dip his toe into the Kickstarter world to get some fantastic Chaos Dwarf figures out.

Now we've all see these complicated bloated campaigns on the crowd funding site, but this one is beautifully clean and simple. I am also very happy to say that it is now funded (I think my pledge took it over it's goal). It will also see me finally get round to ordering some of his already available Chaos Dwarf figures, especially this one:

Kickstarter HERE

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