Friday 1 July 2016

3D Printing

I'm sure I'm not alone in seeing the rise of 3D printing and wondering how useful it may (or may not) be for your hobby.

So I was very interested to see this series of articles on TMP (The Miniatures Page) describing the basic 3D process and then documenting some attempts to use it.

3D Printing: Striations, Surfaces, Wisps & Fusing

Printing a 3D Model From the Internet

3D Printing 28mm Fantasy Figures


  1. RPGnow has 3d primter files for fantasy creatures now as well from one company.....

  2. In terms of home printing at the cheap end of things, it's a no-go if you are in to gorgeous works of art on your wargames table. Bit if you are OK with 'wargames table' quality, then it's fairly viable; there are some interesting figure designs available out there, some for free.

  3. I'm no perfectionist, but the results in the articles completely put me off. Admittedly I am a skirmish level gamer so I can't hide the "more modest" figures behind a front rank.

    I'm sure things will continue to develop.