Friday 27 May 2016

Chariot Fun

Just a quicky.
And they're off!
This week I had the pleasure of helping MacSver continue playtesting the upcoming "Faustus Furious" chariot racing ruleset from Ganesha Games. With a 3 player game going on (controlling 2 chariots each of different types) great fun was had.

A Heavy Chariot forces it's way down the inside.
MacSver has already painted a lot of different chariots up to represent Heavy rigs, agile one and archer carrying setups. As you can see from the pictures he has also started on a custom demo table which will look fabtastic when finished.

Coming up to the final bend, but a mob of spectators
have run on. They must think it's all over...
I believe that the final editing and tweaking is being done. The rules are great fun with much crashing, spinning and careering going on the keep the races unpredictable.

Definitely one to look out for when they become available.

(more playtest details on MacSver's Blog)


  1. Very interesting. A small game, (Not 100's of figures (unless you do the crowds of course!) and could be a lot of fun

  2. It is a small game (figures-wise) and it is a lot of fun. There would seem to be a "campaign" and trophy modes as well if you wanted more than just a one-off race.