Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Carronade 2016

Just a quick post to mark the attendance of Arabiansquire and myself and Falkirk Wargames Club's show "Carronade".

The venue was packed out this year with tables and visitors. Our involvement this year was very low key (as opposed to hosting a game last year).

As ever when with the wee lad the focus on arrival is to scout out the participation games. Most the large table displays I have to admit get a very fleeting, albeit admiring, glance.

The first game was a demo of Arena Rex , a new mythic Gladiatorial game, put on by Common Ground Games from Stirling. The models looked nice inside a nice arena and the game seemed to play well.. Unfortunately the wee lad was rolling poorly and came a quick cropper to a "lucky" counterstrike.

His other game was a Hobbit based Escape from the Goblin City games put on by Stirling Wargames club. A very nice set-up they had indeed. Young Arabiansquire took control of the goblin hordes whilst an opponent controlled the 4 dwaves trying to traverse the table. The action became a bit of a grinder once the narrower section was reached, but the gameplay was simple enough everyone basically could make decisions and they enjoyed their time playing.

My participation was chatting to some friendly faces I'd bumped into and a little bit of shopping. I wasn't really looking for much, and most of what I was looking for (ruins) were either not there or too expensive for me. There were loads of nice shiny things on sale, but I generally resisted.

OK, maybe with the exception of Wargames Illustrated Steampunk Queen Victoria
The bring and buy seemd to be stuffed with 40k this year, but I picked up a bargain tubs of painted GW skeletons, and from the same stall I couldn't resist Cthulhu Fluxx. And appart from some dull supplies that was it really.

For a (much) more involved report head over to MacSver's Battleshed Diaries as , being a Falkirk Club member now, was involved in the behind the scenes work. Sit down before you start though, I was tired just reading about it.

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