Tuesday 7 July 2015

Worthless Valuables

No gaming or real hobby activity at the for the last few weeks (or the next few either). The Hobby shed is being re-assigned and the grand flit is on. It's not all doom and gloom mind you as a new hobby shed (which will need a new title once open for business) has been built next to it for valuable gaming space, but moving the accumulated gubbins from the last 7+ years is a slow process with many thought processes. It's not so much the moving actually, it's the sifting.

Materials of proposed projects that never saw fruition, of the boxes of junk that "look like they would be handy" but have sat for years, early paint dobbed polystyrene terrain that was used in the early days but has been superseded since - bin filler now.

The other similar, but more controversial cull is of nostalgic old hobby items that it seems a shame (if not crime) to throw out but in reality have no value. The list includes White Dwarf issues from the 80's (when it was a roleplaying magazine), second hand D&D red & pink box sets (with crappy dice) and even a handful of 1977 Ral Partha wood elves. All in the bin after much soul searching. Most these things have either been give to me by other folk clearing out or as parts of ebay job lots sold by people desperate to get rid of them but can't find anybody interested.

"You threw WHAT away?"
It is is difficult - I've tried to give these away for free at shows. They get picked up by viewers with big bright smiles. "I remember this!", "played this so much","check this out - fantastic!" are oft heard phrases, but when offered for free the answer is always "Erm, no thanks, you're OK." and a swift exit. When presented on the web they're not even worth the postage it would seem.

Some things have just had their time. No-one wants to play with old featureless lumps of lead or store magazines that print adventures for games that no-one plays. And I don't have the space to be their custodian, so they must go.

I doesn't mean I have to be happy about it though...


  1. oh for heavens sake you throw away the old D&D red and pink boxes!

    I would have taken them off your hands for you, heck I'd have even sent you a paypal payment for the postage.

    Really why didn't you try selling them on ebay, there is a little money to be made on old white dwarfs and D&D stuff!

    :Crying now:

  2. Is it too late to claim the White Dwarfs?

  3. I was just wondering if I'd be able to plug the gaps in my pre-historic WD collection...

    Oh well.

  4. I'm afraid that I was really needing to clear the decks and it all went. Sorry. When I'm clearing some other immovable stuff from boxes I'll give a note up here first next time.

    Ebay seems to be a bit of a white elephant. I know there are D+D sets on there for £40, but when I tried to list these things for a small fraction of that they had no bidders.

  5. "Some things have just had their time. No-one wants to play with old featureless lumps"

    Ouch! ;-)