Monday 27 July 2015

Rules, Rules Everywhere...

Like so many other happy gamers I received my Frostgrave nickstarter the other week. rulebook and miniatures look lovely but more importantly the ruleset not only looks like it will be simple to play but the different magic schools which are so core to the game will give a great variety in playing styles, which is just as I'd hoped when I'd taken the plunge. But there are starting to be quite a few blog articles scattered round the web about these so I won't go on.

Also creeping in under a dusk tide was the release of Ganesha Games new naval ruleset "Galleys and Galleons". I've been waiting fo rthis set for a good while now to apply to my collection of Wizkids Pirates ships.

The classic Ganesha 3 dice risk\reward activation system is still in place here with a few tweaks. The ships also have that familiar Quality, Combat & special rule makeup from other titles. There is a nice mechanic of using other coloured dice in the 3 dice pool to show damage to the ship without the need for any book-keeping. Movement is automatic (& free) with actions only being able to tweaks heading or speed from the base movement speed, which is defined by the heading of the ship in relation to the wind direction at that moment.

As with other titles, there is a basic roster section for your ships (and sea monsters should you wish), and a campaign section.

At the moment my hobby time is very limited so no testing has been done, but I will need to get a couple of ships out for identification, get my landlubber head round some of the terminology (mostly ship\rigging types) and have a trial run through soon as these rules look like a winner.

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