Monday 13 April 2015

15mm Orc Warband

It's been a bit quiet here over the last couple of weeks. Nothing exciting or serious though, just all the usual reasons blogs round the Interweb fall silent for a period ("life" in one word) so I won't bore you any further with the blah, blah. The time hasn't been barren of hobby stuff though, so a few things to post.

Patiently waiting for their time in the limelight have been this completed warband of 15mm Orcs from A slight mixed bunch I think. The "Orc horde" warriors are a bit more finely sculpted but slight. Almost a bit more goblin in fact, but their faces have great pointy features. The larger orc's a bit more blocky (if not crude) in sculpting style but once the base paint and highlight was on what seemed blocky turned into 15mm bulk and muscle - just the job for these guys. Together the two styles manage to work together.

I'm not really a big fan of the bright green skin for Orcs and Gobins in 28mm, but at this scale it really brings the warband to life. Still enjoying finding things out at this scale!

MacSver will be glad to here that the dwarves are currently on the painting table for the next warband.


  1. Your right, the brighter green works well on these 15mm figures.

    So far I am seriously impressed with all your 15mm warbands, they all have come out great so far, I'm sure the dwarfs will look great to.

    Can't wait to see them.

    On a side note, will you be adding to these warbands in the future, say warmachines and such?

    1. Thanks, Darren. The dwarf sculpts are are really fine, so are proving lovely to paint.

      I've not really looked at warmachines as they rarely feature in the skirmish games I play. Any additions would be in the form of additional and\or different troops. I picked up some of the new skeleton codes recently and now have archers and more troops, for example. Couldn't rule it out though for the future.