Wednesday 5 February 2014

Dead Man's Hand Terrain Board - Part 1

Time for a guest slot. MacSver is making a dedicated Wild West Town board for all his wonderful 4Ground buildings. He's allowing me to post his progress for those interested. I'll hand you over...

Stage 1 - 3 of my first D.M.H. terrain board project.

Stage 1: The base board is a sheet of 8'x2' plywood, which I cut into 2'x2' tiles and then cut and screwed in 1/2" batons to the underside. I then painted on a quick coat of wood primer.

Stage 2

Stage 2 (above): I arranged the building bases and board-walks and used PVA glue to affix to the base board. I also glued in the various steps, fencing (around the gallows), water trough, horse-hitches and cacti. The base was then painted with a watered-down coat of the base brown paint.

Stage 3

Stage 3 (above): I filled a large tub of the base brown paint, mixed with general-purpose filler and fine sand. This is liberally applied and will form the 'textured base' for the board.

When this fully dries, the stage 4 will be dry brushing the first of the base tones, using Dulux 'Cookie Cutter' and highlighted with 'Hessian'.

Stage 5 will be applying the process of applying various 'Pro-pigment weathering powders' to bring out the final lighter tones and textures to the board.

Stage 6 will be applying the vegetation, weeds etc, adjusting / applying the weathering effects. Then when all done and fully dry - sealing with a number of varnish layers."

I look forward to more updates (and playing on the final table...)


  1. this looks fantastic - looking forward to more.
    very smart the idea of putting in the bases for buildings - yes it won't change much from game to game but sometimes that's a good thing :)

  2. This is only part of the board. MacSver has described to be that there are to be several 2'x2' tiles. As a guide, the gallows will be situated in the centre of the town. Also quite a few of the buildings have the same footprint, so should be able to be swapped about. All sounds (and looks) grand!