Sunday 12 January 2014

More Urban War Koralon

First set of figures of 2014 off the table, a selection of larger Koralon models. 2 Brood Masters with their big double blades, 2 more Larvan and a Phazon to open up those all important portals. I've quite pleased the way the top of the Phazon staff has come out to mirror the portal colours.

The big Broodmasters come with carblike legs on them, but I didn't like them. So they were snipped off and I drilled the stubs to leaving them looking like open pores or something. They are big beasties (that's a 50mm base they sit on!)

I've a Hydra still to be started to finish off my initial full Koralon force of 300+ pts. I've loads more to go, as I plan to use these guys as my "Bug" force in the future, but I really want to get the Woodland Warband roster cleared and get on with other projects this year (VSF and Zombies).


  1. Hi!

    Awesome work on the Koralon! The Broodmasters look so much better without the tiny legs and the colour scheme is really effective too!

    All the best!

  2. Cheers S.C.S. I be fair the leg losing was pinched from someone else, but it totally made sense in my eyes.