Wednesday 15 January 2014

Heroes, Villains and Fiends

The first "In Her Majesty's Name" Supplement "Heroes, Villains and Fiends" came through the door yesterday. On first quick flicking it seems a great addition.

The main bulk of the book concentrates on expanding the variety of companies (warbands). "The New World" (Indians, Wild West Outlaws, 7th Cavalry, Pale Rider, Mexicans, Mounties etc), Africa (Zulu's, Boers, Hunting Parties, etc), European Secret societies (Hellfire Club, Templars, Ottoman Secret Service, etc)  and more are detailed with ample description.

There are a few new rules, weapons and animals\monsters in there as well.

Also gives a few ideas for different landscapes with associated perils (Wild West town for example). Really useful stuff.

A nice touch is the end section that updates the companies from the core rule book to include new rules, etc set out in this new supplement to avoid any being left behind and disadvantaged.

With all these new lists the imagination is starting to run wild, and I've not even started on the project yet. Very recommended.


  1. Thank you for the kind review Sir. It is always nice to hear of people enjoying one's work.
    We have just delivered the manuscript for Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun to Osprey. This shall provide even more new rules and companies, this time for India, China and Japan. I hope you enjoy that too.

    1. Thanks, Craig. Lots to go on already, but I look forward to "Sleeping Dragon...". Can't look at the 19th Century and leave out India.