Sunday 13 October 2013

Late Pledge

I've been quite happy with the progress of my paint table clearance month, so I've rashly decided to Pledge a Painting Oath for October.

Some of you may remember my rough, quick paint Mantic Marauder\Ork. Well I'm scaling up the number be an extra 7. Being quick and rough I hope they'll take me next to no time, but will also put me closer to having a warband for "In The Emperor's Name" to pitch against Arabiansquire's Space Marines.


  1. Good idea. A lot of us are currently taking part in Zombtober to get some survivors and zombies off the paint table.

  2. I've seen a few blogs\site boosting Zombocter. My first thought was "Man, I could do joining that" as I've a ton of Zed (and survivors) needing some paint, but with a few "live" projects on the go I want finished this year I'm trying to be strict and focus for next year. SO next Zombtober I could well be in :)