Friday 4 October 2013

10mm Stonehenge

I was making an order to Amazon the other day and decided to treat myself with one of those miscellaneous things you find and wishlist. In this case it was a "Build your own Stonehenge" kit which I'd read about ages ago on some forum.

Quick scale shot with Pendraken 10mm Dwarf and Barbarian

Here is what I pulled out the box. The base is a thin jigsaw with markers on to place your stones. Aside from perhaps a rough guide it is of little use to me. A more durable one piece base will be used.

A view of the whole kit
The stones themselves are surprisingly solid and tough plastic. I doubt it they would chip or break without some serious effort.They are unpainted but should take paint well. Whether to completely base coat and paint or to just add a few drybrushed highlights will be the question.

I know that some of you will be happy to make a simple terrain piece from scratch, but for under £5 (including delivery) I doubt you can really go wrong.

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