Friday 9 August 2013

Skyclad Warjacks

After a day in the Dettol the paint was flaking off itself so was easily removed. Slight scrub with a firm brush removed the rest (with the odd crevice needing picked up with a knife). There is a tendency for black gunge to start to form and spread on the brush and model, but a quick wash with white spirit cleans both.

I've based the 'jacks on some cork tiling to try and boost their height. The metal models are smaller than the new plastics, especially the light warjacks.

The one on the right is NOT far away.
As you can see the old metals are about a third smaller. Not ideal, but hopefully will look better one painted. The fact I have a plastic Lancer already painted may still look a bit strange on the table. It's a bit of a shame, because the larger sized plastics mean that the Heavy Jacks look less hulking.

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