Tuesday 6 August 2013

Claymore 2013

Saturday just past saw the 2013 meeting of the Claymore Show, run in Edinburgh. This year felt a bit strange. The last few years the tables and traders have very much been of a historical bent with very little Fantasy\Sci-fi in the building (as long as you ignore the huge 40k table the lad spend most of last years show at!). This year there was a definite shift though (I wasn't the only one to notice it either), and much the better for it.

Over there! Rebel Scum!
 The increase in interesting wares meant I hardly looked at a lot of the demo games I have to admit (so no demo photos). The tables the lad and I were focusing on were the participation games.

The Millenium Falcon flies past.
A 360 firing arc means the TIE fighters are never safe.
In the end we had a very enjoyable game of X-Wing. Arabiansquire was the Millenium Falcon being harrassed by 4 tie fighters (2 controlled by me and the others controlled by another player). The way the battle ran the 'Falcon had destroyed the first 2 Ties before my 2 even arrived, and so a Father\son twisting an turning dog fight ensued. It was a close run thing and in the end it was one Tie with 1 damage point left against the Millenium Falcon with one point left as well. The last round had a the Falcon miss and the Empire make the final crucial hit, destroying the Rebel vessel. I could have just as easily gone the other way.

Some of Sinbad's crew take on a Temple Guard.
The other game way played was a dungeon set Sinbad 7th Voyage game run by Edinburgh League of Gamers (who's participation game we play every year - great work). 7th Voyage is a standalone (and slightly simplified apparently) version of Crooked Dices 7TV system. Having recently bought 7TV I was keen to play, and we combined to take on the wicked sorcerer. The lad was in a bit of a huff as he was rolling the wrong results and the wrong time for most of the game, but a tactical mistake by our evil opponent let surround our objective foe and when it came to the crunch all the right numbers rolled up for a win. Smile re-instated on young lads face.
The Sorcerer's downfall.
And as for the results of all the trader browsing? It's all gone a bit VSF with collected pre-order from Ironclad Miniatures and a North Star Figures "Servants of Ra" boxset. All will be suitable for In Her Majesty's Name or Empire of the Dead.


  1. I'd have been more inclined to have gone had I known there would be more non-historical stuff. Maybe next year.

  2. I must admit i've attended the last couple on automatic, but next year will be looking for it more.