Monday, 5 November 2012

Urban War Breaks Out

After a busy week I managed to arrange a wee game with Urban War at my local club. There are a few ex 1st Ed players around but arranged with a newer player who, like myself, had some models from a couple of factions painted up but hasn't actually played much. Just to be clear, it is 2nd Ed that we play now.

Syntha take up position

We also had a brand new player at the table which works well as his questions helped cement the rules that we half remembered (or didn't know).

Casualties on both sides
With initial play being understandably slow we didn't manage a full game, but we did enjoy playing our street skirmish. We all agreed that the overwatch element to the rules made the game very interesting, and by a couple of turns in, with models starting to get into position (and a couple of gaps opening up), we had one or two interesting multiple overwatch activations. Sometimes they came to nothing and the original activated model made their actions unhindered, but the turn interruption and dice rolling gave quite an exciting impression to being in a fire-fight with bullets flying around.

With the initial exchange done
the VASA start to come out to play


  1. Looks like a fun fight, and nice photography too!

  2. It was a fun fight - possibly made more fun by the mistakes we found later.

    We're in that halcyon period where we're excited finding out about the game before being bogged down with tactics as we discover what our units can do :-)