Friday, 23 November 2012

Urban Education

My learning curve at Urban war continues to progress, with the help of two players at my local club (Bill and Ian). After our quick introduction a couple of weeks earlier they had continued to play the following week and we joined up again for another run through. Despite being "a week behind" the experiences and rule book thumbing the previous week were passed on to me. We also ramped up the game a bit to around 250pts and upped the CAL of some of the figures to see what effect the larger game and the extra CAL boosts had.

Play was still slowed but fun. As a pitched battle between 3 forces (Bill - Syntha, Ian - VASA, myself - VASA) we all ended up fighting on two fronts.

Starting force positions. Syntha top left, Ian's VASA top right and my VASA bottom middle (jump troops on roof and Suppressors hiding in the building bottom left to avoid the gravbike!)

Ian tried to push his VASA across the ruined square to take on the Syntha. Lessons we learned: You can die on turn 1, and remember to hide on the furthest side of the wall from you enemy.

With Ian being pinned down by the Syntha in cover, Bill pushes his biomechs with supporting gravbike) towards the slowly advancing Suppressors. Lessons learned: When a group hide in a crowded derelict building watch for shots coming through the door (Biomech firing through 2 doorways nearly caught out a suppressor!)

My jump troops advance up the right flank towards Ian's sniper post. Lessons learned: Being on a roof doesn't necessarily give you LOS all round the building.

After his initial failed push towards the Syntha Ian regrouped with Neura eagerly waiting in overwatch from a window. Lessons learned: A good cal sniper in a good covered vantage point can be deadly, as Bill found out as Neura took out a couple of his Syntha that were heading towards my forces.

Jump troop rooftop assault. Lessons learned: Archangels can be powerful when the suddenly pop up short range, and if expecting an imminent assault it maybe better to be on overwatch and at least get a shot in.

Time ran out due to book flicking and rule discussion. Ian took most losses (we maybe missed a 50% force morale check somewhere) but the last turn was very experimental with forces being pushed into combat to see what they could do and high cal figures rushing around to see how effective using the cal extra actions was (very as it turned out!).

We look forward to the next game, and maybe even a scenario...

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