Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Warmachine - Cryx Pistol Wraith

I've tried to paint this figure to represent it's "Incorporeal" ability, namely that it is basically a ghost until it makes an attack, when it becomes corporeal (ie solid) for the next round. I've seen a few other pictures of this concept on the web with mixed results. I suppose it is quite difficult to paint a concept at times, and trying to catch the mix of ghostly and becoming material in the same instant. I'm quite pleased with the mix (I won't use the phrase blend for the confusing context ambiguity) here, picturing the wraith slowing becoming solid from its extremities - ie the pistols are catalyst to the process.


  1. I like it a lot! Can you elaborate a bit on the methods you used? Was it quick or time consuming?

  2. Thanks Tristan. Quite quick, as its all drybrushing and a couple of washes.

    Paint entire figure ghostly first:
    - Base coated grey
    - purple ink wash
    - Drybrushed grey and subsequent drybrushes with more white added up to pure white

    Material parts:

    - Drybrush required colours (bleached bone for bone, dark grey for coat, beasty brown and bronze for gun)
    - Chestnut ink wash over material parts for a little bit of depth
    - Dry brush white again to make slightly more ghostly.

    All Done

  3. Sweet - thinking of the future.. Maybe a ghostly themed blood bowl team or something :)