Friday, 6 August 2010

The Quest Continues

Needing to fill a couple of hours the other day had Arabiansquire and myself pulling out the Heroquest again to get on with the next quest "Lair of the Orc Warlord".

A nice little adventure that only takes up half the board, but the rooms are stuffed with monsters (even though it's only Quest 3) and the adventurers didn't have it all their own way. This quest saw the first piece of special equipment being found ( a staff which allows diagonal attacks) and the first real personality opponent. It was quite amusing to see the wide eyes on the other side of the table as the Orc Warlord ULAG attacked with the most dice and didn't die as easily as the other monsters!

The wee lad actually looked at his spell cards halfway through this level and began to try and work some of them into the game, which was a nice progression. He was soon muttering about the "stupid elf in the way" when he required line of sight, so we may see a bit more planning his moves next game so that he can try and bring his various elements into play a bit more (without the wizard getting pasted!). Good fun.

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