Monday 14 June 2010

WHO is that strange man

Huzzah. My pre-ordered minis from Crooked Dice have arrived and are as lovely in person as they were anticipated in green form (see picture). They come under the names of Tweedy Mattison & WPC May Killan, but bare an uncanny resemblance to a particular time travelling duo. The sculpts are by Kevin White, who is currently the man behind the excellent Hasslefree Miniatures . Crooked Dice is the (relatively) newly formed front for the Doctor Who Miniatures Game which looks great. Did I mention the game is also free and currently new characters stats are uploaded the weekend of every new episode of the current series. Top work!

To add to the new series minis, the new issue of Doctor Who Adventures magazine comes with 5 plastic perfectly scaled new style daleks (refered to on a few forums as iDaleks for some reason). Like most Who fans it seems I hate the new look daleks, but faced with a bargain and the pressure to stay current I've wilted and purchased a copy. They come at around 35mm tall which is a mite bigger than the old daleks (see left for comparison photo shamelessly stolen from the very good DW gaming blog "An Evil Giraffe"). This however would is entirely accurate given the screen shot from the episode. Best get the United Colours of Benettton paint set out!

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  1. I have to agree about the new Daleks. I'm not at all impressed with them. The irony is that I was totally geeked out by the WWII Camo version (OMG how keewl were they!). Then they ruined the episode with the new Lego versions.... sigh.