Thursday 3 June 2010

Storming the Castle

Well the struggle continues. 3rd session of the Storming of Castle Wittgenstein. To be fair to the party it's not been a solid 3 session struggle. There's always a bit of chat round the table, which I enjoy and the party has no problem focusing back onto the game with a subtle cough from the GM. I'm not a hardcore RPG er. It's a fun focus to get together with some friends. I've tried the club approach, but didn't enjoy it as much as there were a few characters there who irked me. Nothing major, but enough for me to quit when a couple of the good folk left. But I digress...

In the meantime, back to the game. The party cleared out one guard tower, and managed to plan the assault on the main (middle) guard tower by charging across the bridge with shields to the fore and a large table for overhead protection...

      un Tableau?
      a table!
      oh, un Tableau.

 and then skirting round to the vulnerable side wall and climbing up to go through the roof before wrecking havoc inside.

Just the small matter of another bridge and entrance to get past to enter the chaos tainted Inner Bailey and the wonders contained within.

The characters and players (and GM) are all feeling the strain from the last couple of sessions I feel. The battle was keenly anticipated, as it's quite rare that the party are involved in actions where they make a small (albeit significant) proportion of the bodies. Its been fun but we are all there to roleplay, not skirmish wargame, and even though there was a lot of planning involved last night I think that there is a sense of fatigue round the table. This is also heightened (for me anyway) in that "The Enemy Within Campaign" is epic, and only running sessions for a 2+ hours every fortnight is really stretching it out. I'm looking forward to the next session which should see us back on track to a more standard playing style, but someone suggested having a short break after this segment, which would freshen things up for me anyway.


  1. Variety is indeed the spice of life where roleplaying is concerned. My Dark Heresy game is about to shift into Epic Battle for an evening for precisely that reason, before it gets back to the usual crawling dice-light investigation pace for a couple of sessions.

  2. With a bit of a lead up to the big event it's something everyone was looking forward to. An epic Dark Heresy (40k style obviously) battle as a one off just sounds manic!