Saturday 23 July 2022

D&D Rogue Repaint


I've been making extremely slow roads into setting up a campaign of "Five Leagues to the Borderlands". I have created my starting group of adventurers and so launched into my collection (painted and unpainted) to find appropriate figures. An archer a rangers cloak was called for. This Old D&D pre-paint seemed to fit the bill but obviously needed a bit of TLC. Glad to find there was a nice figure behind the original paint. There must have been a sculptor somewhere weeping at what became of his work!


  1. Out of curiosity, did you strip the original paint or just paint over it? It looks good either way. I've also picked up these rules & have been pondering which figures too use for my band as well....there are so many to choose from. I think perhaps I shall let the dice decide what races I will have to begin with & go from there.

    1. Sorry, Terry. Just seen your comment. I didn't strip the figure before painting. I just crossed my fingers that the existing paint would act as a primer. It did.