Friday, 28 October 2016

Gladiators Back On The Table

Just a quick note to mark two things. One is gaming back in the shed and the other is I've FINALLY had a game of 2nd Edition "Red Sand, Blue Sky" from Two Hour Wargames. I'd started playing a solo First Ed. campaign several years ago then 2nd Ed. came out, I bought it and the campaign ground to a halt. So thank you, MacSver.

And it was good. The movement is much better in the second version. It was very linear in 1st Ed. And the whole tactical play, from bonus dice to arena movement for catching breath. Great fun. We'll get the other Hlafiator types out next time. I think the tenses of having a Retarius throwing nets will be good.

That's all I have to say at the moment except MacSver wrote up a game review from the evenings play HERE.


  1. I've always rather fancied a gladiator game, this one certainly sounds like a good one.

    1. I can recommend it. Since you comment I've added to the post a link the a good review MacSver wrote after ther session, just in case you needed any more convincing.