Wednesday 20 April 2016

Frostgrave - Watch out for the Genie!

Another game of Frostgrave. This time with the Genie scenario from the main rulebook, where there is the threat of an angry Genie appearing when a treasure is claimed. We also implemented for the first time the random encounters rule to hopefully add in some more random threat.

For ease and familiarity both MacSver and I played the same warbands as our last game. Treasures were strung across the centre(-ish) of the table, a couple in elevated positions (the two walkways)

The spells and warbands:

Necromancer: Bone Dart, Raise Zombie, Steal Health, Fast Act, Enchant Armour, Imp, Wizard Eye, Poison Dart. Cromm the Barbarian, Max the Treasure Hunter, one archer and three thugs to keep company with the Necromancer and his apprentice.
Elementalist: Scatter Shot, Telekinesis, Plane Walk, Elemental Shield, Wizard's Eye, Banish, Fast Act, Elemental Bolt. Ranger, Archer, Infantryman and five thugs escorting Elementalist Bayaz and his young apprentice, Jezal.

The Necromancers warband push through the ruins. The two thugs (foreground and background) move towards treasures whilst Crom moves forward to threaten the opposition. The archer and Necromancer take up cover positions to support.

Crom rushes round the wall and attacks an enemy thugs, with fatal consequences.

The Infantryman moves to collect a treasure brought closer with Bayaz's Telekinesis spell whilst the majorist of his warband make moves through and on towards the graveyard.

A game of "round the crypt" develops as the two warbands get within striking distance of each other in the graveyard. They are careful to avoid the slipping hazard of the slimy remains of a conjured zombie, shot down by the rangers arrow.

After half the group survive being on the wrong end of a potentially disastrous Scatter Shot spell from the Elementalist apprentice the trainee Necromancer puts him down with a well aimed bone dart.

The Necromancer's archer is so keen on finding a shot he fails the notice a group of giant rats randomly enter the area, and they swarm in for the attack.

Another bone dart from the necromantic apprentice takes out the opposing ranger. This give the treasure hunter the chance to try and rush under the archway and grab some treasure. He can't deal with the attentions of the enemy there though and they gang up and slay him.

With one treasure away to the good for the necromancer's group, Crom comes round behind a foe who is trying to even up the count up high. He survives the Barbarian's first attack, but the Necromancer casts a "Steal Health" spell which drains the last from him.

The archer is having real trouble dealing with the rats. They are not causing any real damage, but their numbers are making it difficult. The treasure carrying thug decides to try an skirts past the whole scene whilst the animals are occupied. Meanwhile (in the background) the Elementalist Infantryman's progress with the treasure has been hampered by a summoned Imp. He deals with it with little difficulty, but valuable time is lost.

The warbands start to retire with their booty.

In the end, only the Necromancers warband managed to get a single treasure off the table, all others still being en-route when time ran out (progress carrying treasure at half movement rate is painfully slow!). The appearance of the Genie was tested whenever a treasure was picked up, but never materialised.


  1. Cool game. Made my weekly round-up:

    1. Thanks, Beast. Nice set of battle links. I'll be adding to the visitor numbers :)