Saturday 10 October 2015

X-Wing Under the Stars

With both battle venues wash with the debris of construction at the moment MacSver suggested moving to his conservatory for a this weeks game. Under the twinkling starts of the night sky what better game to play than X-Wing.

Points were set at 100pts. MacSver delved into his packed box (he'd been busy at the Starship Emporium since my last game) and constructed a force of an A-Wing, Headhunter, YT-2400 Freighter and a festival of missile options. I went with 2 Tie Fighters, an Advanced Tie and a Tie Phantom.

Tie fighters rush in to meet accurate fire from their targets.

Initial movements had the Empire charging forward looking to swarm the big YT-2400. A couple of ineffectual shots by them however, and a brace of damaging returns from the Rebels brought a sudden emergency change of tactics and I decided to concentrate on the fighter escort first before tackling the large armoured vessel.

Handily the Rebel Headhunter was on different orders from the rest, looking to come in late from the flank I suspect, but the Empire ships raced past the larger foe and swamped the small fighter.

They then turned to the rest of the force (no pun intended!). In a moment almost reminiscent of the "I'm not Left Handed" sword fight in Princess Bride, MacSver realised that he'd put the wrong stand card on his A-Wing, and blasted one of the Tie Fighters into dust. His triumph was short lived though as the advanced Tie managed to get the critical hit and destroy the agile little craft.

The Freighter pushed past the enemy, continuing to use it's very effective 360 degree laser cannon to damage the Empire vessels. One Tie managed to get a target lock on the YT-2400 in passing though, and it proved crucial in a final desperate volley to destroy the Rebellion's last ship, leaving the remaining very damages ships to limp back for repairs.

Another very fun game of X-Wing. It could have swung either way, with a 2 of the remaining 3 Empire fighters only having one hit of life left in them for a good part of the game,


  1. Briliant, matey - colour me jealous!

    1. Fortunately it's all MacSver's setup. All I have to do is turn up, play and enjoy :)